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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kalasi vunte kaladhu sukham - Telugu story

Kalasi vunte kaladhu sukham. Its a story of 3 yaks.  
Moral of the story: ikamathyame maha balam 
Learning Good Habits for Kids
Children learn manners better by example that by preaching to them. "It is only when they don't pick up on some detail that you must point out their lapses." "Manners are a cut-to-the-chase way of teaching important life lessons." I am sure you can all attest that no one likes to look over at someone and see that person chewing their food with their mouth open. Along with this one I will throw in not talking with food in mouth. Unfortunately, I see adults breaking both of these table manners. To be honest I sometimes talk with food in my mouth if I need to correct my children at the dinner table. But when I do I cover my mouth so no one can see inside. Teach your kids to not make any rude comments about any food being served. 
It will hurt someone's feelings. Remember, someone took time, energy, and expense to prepare the food, shows your appreciation. Also, teach your kids try a little bit of everything that is served even if they do not like the food. This is especially beneficial when your kids spend the night at someone Else's house. The other parents will be very impressed. Teach your kids to always say Thank You when served something. This shows appreciation. Explain to your kids why we should say thank you when being served. Remember, someone took time, energy, to prepare and serve the food or drink, show your appreciation.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gummadi kaya lo rakshesudu - Telugu Story

Gummadi kaya lo rakshesudu is a good story from Chandamama kathalu

Be sensitive to any changes in your children’s behavior or attitude:
Encourage open communication and learn how to be an active listener. Look and listen to small cues and clues indicating something may be troubling your children, because children are not always comfortable disclosing disturbing events or feelings. This may be because they are concerned about your reaction to their problems. If your children do confide problems to you, strive to remain calm, noncritical, and nonjudgmental. Listen compassionately to their concern, and work with them to get the help they need to resolve the problem.

Practice basic safety skills with your children:
Make an outing to a mall or park a “teachable” experience in which your children practice checking with you, using pay telephones, going to the restroom with a friend, and locating the adults who may be able to help if they need assistance.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Vegitables story - కూరగాయల కథ

A village where everything is made of vegetables and fruits, even people! This story happens in one such village. A good story to introduce names of vegetables and have fun too!

Safety Tips for children
Make sure you know where each of your children is at all times. Know your children’s friends and be clear with your children about the places and homes they may visit. Make it a rule for your children to check in with you when they arrive at or depart from a particular location and when there is a change in plans. You should also let them know when you’re running late or if your plans have changed to show the rule is for safety purposes and not being used to “check up” on them.

Avoid buying children clothing displaying their names. A young child is usually ready to trust anyone who uses his/her name. Explain that someone who knows your name may not know you or your parents. Be involved in your children’s activities. Know the places he or she goes and know the other adults who are involved.

Friday, April 27, 2012

పుటుక్కు జర జర డుబుక్కు మేఁ - Telugu Story

A thief unknowingly steps on a pumpkin vine and gets caught - the vine broke(పుటుక్కు), the pumpkin slid (జర జర)and fell on a goat (డుబుక్కు) and the goat screamed in panic(మేఁ ), waking the whole family. 

Parents are child's first teachers
Disciplining the child may be difficult, so it is important to u understand the reasons.

    Often parents discipline children to protect them from danger.
    Discipline can help children learn to get along with others and develop self-control.
    Discipline can help children understand limits and learn acceptable behavior

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Koyila Padedndukani - Telugu rhyme

Koyila Padedndukani - kuhuu kuhuu, patalu baga padamani
Chimalu cheppedhemitani, repatikosam dhachamani
Kodi kusedhendhukani - kokko ro kkoo,vekuvajamune levamani
Kakulu cheppedhemitani, kalasikattuga vundamani

Expose your child to a variety of hobbies:
Encourage your child for reading. Reading habit is one of the best habits we can put in our children. It increases the child’s reading and writing activities and their general knowledge also. Music is also a very good habit for which we can encourage our child. Music is the sound of the soul. Vocal or instrumental music can give tremendous satisfaction to the soul. Besides, it is one of the hobbies that can be converted into a attractive profession also.

Dancing is also a very attractive hobby. Most of the children love to dance. It is a way for children to express themselves. If it is classical dance, it can be a respectable profession. Expose your child to world of sports. Any physical activity keeps a child mentally active, fit and alert. Sports like cricket, tennis, swimming, chess and badminton also hold a great deal of career opportunities. A child has to be consciously initiated into a sport. However, he or she should not be pushed at any level.

Photography can be a good hobby also. If your child likes it, then give a camera to your child and encourage him or her to beautiful memories. Painting is a great way for children to express themselves. From the young age, children have a tendency to show their emotions by way of painting.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Nanna puli - నాన్నా! పులి!

అబద్దం ఎంత ప్రమాదకరమైనదో, అబద్దాలు చెబుతుంటే మన "మాట" కున్న విలువ ఎలా తగ్గిపోతుందో ఈ చిన్న కథ ద్వారా తెలుసుకుందాం! కాలు జారితే తీసుకోగలం గానీ.. నోరు జారితే తీసుకోలేమని చెప్పే కథ !

Here are some of my suggestions that will keep your child fit and fine.
Swimming: With proper instruction your child should be able to learn basic swimming skills and water safety. It’s good idea to check with your local sports club about their beginner classes. Swimming is a terrific exercise, great to help keep your child physically fit. 

Outings: Plan family outings and vacations. Activities such as hiking, climbing hills and jogging are fun for everyone.

Dancing Classes: Join your child dance classes. Encourage them to hit the dance floor on the fast numbers instead of slow ones.    

Cycling: is also a good exercise to keep your child physically active.
Soccer: is an excellent game. It features running, twisting and jumping-ideal for developing physical fitness.

Finally, encourage any activity that keeps him moving. Walking instead of driving to school, taking the stairs instead of an elevator and chores such as sweeping the floor, taking out the garbage and making the bed. Remember, “couch potatoes” start early in life.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

ఏడు చేపల కథ

This is a old  and evergreen story for kids.

Parents are the first and best teacher:
Parents are the strongest models and have the greatest impact on the child. A child spends only 4-5 hours in school and rest of the day with parents. They imitate their parents and their behavior reflects parents. Your child is with you under the widest variety of circumstances -- from before the moment of birth to the present time -- often twenty-four hours a day! You've observed your child go through the most important learning events of his life, from the first step, to the first spoken word, to the first scribble, and so forth.

Provide a combination of caring and discipline to promote confidence and proper ability according to each child's unique personality and developmental stage. Retain regular and optimistic relationships with teachers to enhance awareness of school. Help your child to meet the difficulties which he is facing in learning. Provide the support and encouragement to go through present obstacles by thinking of past victories. Celebrate with your child when he achieves something.