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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a aaa ee eeee - Rhyme

Telugu Rhyme for learning Telugu alphabets
a aa a aa a aa, a aa lu dhidhudham, amma mata vindham
e ee e ee e ee, e ee lu dhidhudham, eswarunni koludham
vu vuu vu vuu vu vuu lu dhidhudham,udathalanu chudham
ye yee ye yye I antu, andharini piludham
o oo ow antu, onamalu dhidhudham
am aha andharamu padudham

Good Manners: Giving Compliments
Learning to give compliments is primarily a matter of voicing the nice things you’re thinking about another person while the other person is around to hear them. Encourage your kids to put into words the nice things they are thinking about others, especially when the thought is appreciative giving a simple compliment such as, “This dinner is great,” or “You look nice,” can make a huge difference to the person doing the work or making the effort. The one rule for giving compliments is that they should be sincere: giving compliments based on an ulterior motive is usually not only very obvious to the recipient but also calls into question sincere compliments the person may give at other times. You can also let your kids know that however desperate you are for appreciation, “Mom, you aren’t THAT old looking” isn’t really a compliment.

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