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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bujji Papa - Telugu Rhyme

Bujji papa bujji papa kassumannadi
Nanna cheppina barrelu gorrelu kayanannadi
Amma cheppina antla ginnelu kadaganannadi
Akka cheppina batla chakiri cheyanannadi
Thatha cheppina paalu neellu thenannadi
Mamma cheppina katte pullalu kottanannadi
Anna thoti badiki thanu velthanannadi
Panthulu cheppe paattalu vintaanannadi   
Anna thoti badiki thanu velthanannadi
Panthulu cheppe paattaalu vintaanannadi 

Tips to make kids safer:
Be sensitive to any changes in your children’s behavior or attitude. Encourage open communication and learn how to be an active listener. Look and listen to small cues and clues indicating something may be troubling your children, because children are not always comfortable disclosing disturbing events or feelings. This may be because they are concerned about your reaction to their problems. If your children do confide problems to you, strive to remain calm, noncritical, and nonjudgmental. Listen compassionately to their concern, and work with them to get the help they need to resolve the problem. Remember there is no substitute for your attention and supervision. Being available and taking time to really know and listen to your children helps build feelings of safety and security.

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