affiliate marketing Kids Telugu Rhymes: Sumati satakam - Sumati padyalu - Naina

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sumati satakam - Sumati padyalu - Naina

Upakaariki nupakaaramu
Vipareethamu gaadu seya
Apakaariki nupakaaramu
Dapamennaka seyuvaadu
Nerpari sumathii !!

Tips to make kids safer: 
  • Teach your children their full names, address, and home telephone number. Make sure they know your full name.
  • Make sure your children know how to reach you at work or on your cell phone.
  • Teach your children how and when to use emergency numbers and make sure your children have a trusted adult to call if they’re scared or have an emergency.
  • Instruct children to keep the door locked and not to open the door to talk to anyone when they are home alone. Set rules with your children about having visitors over when you’re not home and how to answer the telephone.
  • Choose babysitters with care. Obtain references from family, friends, and neighbors. Once you have chosen the caregiver, drop in unexpectedly to see how your children are doing. Ask children how the experience with the caregiver was and listen carefully to their responses.

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